Upvc Doors

Click on the image below to read about UPVC Doors and choose a design, these doors are available in most colours and also you can add side panels as required.

composite Doors

Click on the image below to read about Composite Doors and choose a design, these doors are available in most colours and also you can add side panels as required.


Below you will see are 2 examples of a quite a few installations Becheley Building Maintenance LTD have carried out on Ilex Crescent and Erica Close in Locks Heath Southampton, Lots of the residents in this area have unbeknown the them made the mistake of being talked into Rosewood units as they were told it was not possible to match the colour of the timber cladding to their properties. However Becheley Building Maintenance Ltd can match any colour as you can see by the photos below. The difference is very clear, we are now being contacted asking if we can change UPVC Windows that were only fitted 5 years ago as know they know the colour is available they are not happy with a compromise in colour. 



Becheley Building Maintenance can offer any colour you need, so there is no need to settle for a colour that does not match the timber on you house as we will be able to match it!

Triple glazed 

We can offer triple glazed units at just a fraction of the cost extra above the traditional double glazed units! Click on the image above to read all the benefits of a Triple Glazed unit.

 upvc Windows & doors

Becheley Building Maintenance LTD looked long and Hard into what Brands of windows to choose as our preferred products, after lots of research we decided to supply Aluplast and Rehau to our customers. In our opinion these 2cproducts are by far the best on the market and also come in at very competitive prices. As anything you can buy cheaper UPVC Windows and Doors but in all cases the cheaper products are very poor and although look ok you will not be getting the benefits you should be from a UPVC Window or Door. Becheley building Maintenance are also proud members of Certass and Trust Mark, click on the links above for more information, Becheley Building Maintenance also offer an insurance backed guarantee for all installations. This covers you from paying your deposit and up to 10 years after installation has taken place.

Contemporary windows must provide you with the highest level of comfort and functionality, and at the same time fulfill all the requirements of durability and ecology. But most of all they should just like you want them – they need to reflect your own needs and style.

Thanks to a vast array of products Aluplast systems enables production of practically any window for any given building. Its colour, shape and functions are free to choose for you and your architect. Technically and esthetically Aluplast windows are always a quality products.

The figure showing how good your Windows are insulating the heat is the k factor. The lower it is, the better your window is in keeping the heat inside. Appropriate profile depth, multichamber design allow the k factor to fit between 1,1-1,6 to meet the strictest energy efficiency requirements. Saving energy is saving money.

Another great advantage of replacing your Windows with quality ones if sound insulation. Thanks to profiles’ unique design, multiple chambers and placing seals and gaskets in specially designed groves, gives you, along with a well chosen glass unit, the peace of mind you deserve.

Our wellbeing does not only depend on keeping the weather excesses and noise outside. Our doors and windows are also designed to keep outside all the unwanted intruders. We took care of this on the construction stage by:
Windows and doors give the building its characted, both from the inside and from the outside. Their shapes, sizes, location and colours greatly influence the overall appearance of the building. Depending on the specific building you can choose from a range of building depths between 50 and 80 mm, and a wide range of profiles for your selections of stylistics and solutions suited to the particular building.

Your home should also have the proper ventilation properties. This is achieved by unsealing your windows, or installing special ventilators.

fire Doors

Click on the image below to read about Fire Doors and choose a design, these doors are available in most colours and also you can add side panels as required.

Customer feedback

Replacement double glazed windows and doors:

“The work carried out was done to a very high standard and the quality of the windows are super. We wanted to match the colour of our original windows which were a very dark brown. Becheley were able to do this for us as not many double glazing firms were able to offer this colour. We are very impressed with the finish, the windows and doors look amazing and we have had so many comments. Both Simon and Richard were professional at all times, answered any questions or concerns we had and we would not hesitate to recommend them at any time.”

– Customer in Southampton 10/10