tiling & slating roof work

Our professional approach and attention to detail is the same throughout all roofing works whether it’s a small repair job, a large property, or a major development.

We are proud to offer a free roof estimating service and, on engagement, endeavor to update customers with every aspect of their project from start to finish.

CanDo Roofing use only the finest quality materials from approved manufactures with all products having a manufacturers guarantee and meeting all necessary British Standards. We also have an extensive range of both natural or man-made slates.

Samples of any required products are available upon request.


Slate is as old as the planet we live on and it has been quarried and split to provide roof coverings for hundreds of years. British slate, predominantly from North Wales and Cumbria, has a reputation for being the best in the world. It is not uncommon to find a British slate roof still in perfect condition up to 200-years after it was laid and there is a thriving market in reclaimed slate.

When fixed by one of our teams of skilled slaters, a composite or natural slate roof will enhance the appeal and value of a property and give a lifetime of maintenance free beauty. Unfortunately, there is no longer sufficient indigenous slate quarried to meet the demand. Most natural roofing slates used in the UK are now imported, principally from Spain but increasingly from China, Brazil & North America.

Alternatively, there is a wide selection of composite and slate look-alike products, which have the aesthetic appeal of natural slate. Often (but not always!) cheaper than the natural product, composite slates tend to be faster to fix and require less specialist skill to lay – yet they can still replicate the clean lines and natural beauty of a real slate roof.


Concrete Tiles

The concrete interlocking roof tile is easily the most widely used roofing material in the UK. Easy to produce, consistent in quality and simple to lay, the concrete roofing tile is available in patterns and colours to blend with indigenous materials. Concrete roof tiles can be seen on modern developments the length and breadth of Britain.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles offer a more traditional appearance for your roof, with machine made and hand made tiles available, we can offer the best advice on your roofing project.

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