BBMLTD recently installed this large RSJ to support the first floor of the house in order to extend the property. Visit the extension page to see the complete job.

Replacement of rusted existing steel lintel

This is very common in older properties, the lintels rust over time, this causes the brick work or render to crack, see below the photo of the rusted lintel removed from the property. If you think this may be the problem you are having you can normally tell by the bow in the head of the window, cracking, and rust stains on your windows. If you would like us to check it out for you then please call or just simply send some photos via our contact page.

Replacement lintels, windows and doors.

This is very common in older properties, the steel lintels rust and corrode over time causing the brickwork or render to crack, also the weight is transferred to the windows or doors below which causes them to not operate correctly.


Replacement window and French doors and lintels above:

​“Good, neat work with advice and help given with a damp problem we had.”– Customer in Southampton, 3 September 2014