Conventional or Combination Boiler?  The major distinction between the two is the way they deliver hot water, so you need to consider  how you use hot water now and possibly in the future (perhaps as the family grows, or grows up and leaves home)  

A Conventional boiler, in conjuction with a hot water storage cylinder, can deliver lashings of hot water to several taps simultaneously. A family with lots of laundry and toddlers bathing, or teenagers showering every evening is almost certain to be be better served by by a traditional Conventionalboiler.  

A Conventional boiler can also come in the form of a BACK BOLIER, which is sited in the chimney breast and comes complete with many different types of gas fires.   Please remember that if you are considering a conventional boiler, an important requirement is a cold water storage tank (so loft space is usually required) and room to site a hot water cylinder (airing cupboard). If you live in a flat with no loft, and space is tight, then you may need to consider a combination boiler.  

Combination Boilers  A combination boiler eliminates the need for a hot water storage cylinder, and cold water storage tanks. Instead hot water is heated instantaneously when you turn on the tap (so you don't have to wait for the hot water cylinder to heat up or keep it on standby, and you'll never run out of hot water!) Plus you can have shower at mains pressure. However it takes 2 or 3 times as long to deliver a bath full of hot water, whilst simultaneous use of 2 or more taps can result in the flow of water being diminished somewhat to one of the outlets.

​A couple's hot water needs are likely to be modest, using relatively small amounts - in which case a combination boiler is possibly the most suitable option. Alternatively you could install an unvented hot water cylinder. 

gas servicing and installations 

Who do you turn to when you need a repair to your central heating boiler?  The TV show House of Horrors has highlighted the malpractice that pervades the trade, and the risk you take in picking any name from the phone book!  BBM can offer a service, which is second to none. Our service department prides itself on its ability to repair practically any gas appliance, old or new, in homes today, and our fully qualified and properly trained engineers will complete yourrepair with the minimum of fuss, and at very competitive prices.  

 Our engineer carry's an extensive range of spare parts on their vehicles, increasing the chance of most breakdowns being repaired on our first visit.  Of course, we do not just repair broken down appliances. Our engineers undertake servicing on all gas appliances (excluding cookers), and we still do it the “old fashioned way” – we open the appliance, clean the pilots and burners, calibrate the controls, examine the flue system, check the feed and expansion tank and bleed the radiators.

We at BBM do not believe that it is sufficient to spend only 10 minutes inserting a probe into the flue and check whether the boiler is burning correctly.   Who knows what problems may exist inside the appliance waiting to happen, unless a full check is carried out.  We also carry out Landlords gas safety inspections & pre-house purchase central heating surveys.  Chooing a new boiler when you don't already have one, is a little more involved, but don't be daunted.  

​The size and type of construction of your home are more important factors and you'll need the help of a professional to help calculate the amount of heat the boilers must produce to keep you cosy in the worst of weathers. You also need to consider your family size, and your lifestyle.   With a little help from BBM you can form a view on which type of boiler is best suited to you.