flat roofing by becheley building maintenance ltd in southampton

Flat Roofing

Becheley Building Maintenance LTD offer two types of weatherproofing to allow us to offer more options to our clients, whether it is a small domestic roof or a large commercial roof we are fully trained in the installation of built up felt roofing systems & Firestone EDPM single ply Rubber systems.

By offering a single ply system and a built up felt system this enables CanDo Roofing to offer a more complete package to our clients and also to cater to the specific requirements posed by today’s flat roofs.

Projects of all types and sizes are undertaken, from small domestic roofs to large scale commercial undertakings, all of which are treated with the same degree of concern and professionalism.

We believe that by offering a high standard of workmanship coupled with quality materials, and importantly supported by a range of insurance backed guarantees, that flat roofing need not be the problem that it is perceived to be.

Mineral Felt System

What is Roofing Felt?

Roofing felt is a term describing a roll of a base material which is impregnated and coated with bitumen or modified bitumen. High performance felt has a polyester base material which doesn’t split and is impregnated in modified bitumen.

Application of Felt

“Torch-on”. The felt is manufactured with a layer of modified bitumen applied to the underside of the felt, this is heated up and melted using a gas torch to form a “flood” of bitumen at the base of the roll just like pour & roll.

Surface Finish

The bitumen on roofing felt should be protected from UV rays to prevent it from cracking. This protection is usually provided using mineral surfaced felt which is available in a range of different colours. Protection can also be provided using additional surfacing materials such as solar reflective paint, spa chippings or ballast. Promenade tiles or paving slabs can be laid as an option for walkways, balconies or patio’s.



The following provides a brief list of the benefits of an EPDM Rubber flat roof to our customers.

PROVEN OVER MORE THAN 50 YEARS - You can rely on an EDPM rubber roof because it’s been installed successfully in the USA over more than 50 years. Unlike many other “newer” materials to the UK. Globally, EPDM is the worlds most used single ply roofing membrane. Over One Billion Square Meters of Firestone EPDM has been successfully installed, and is a testimony of pure excellence.

SEAMLESS – COMPLETELY RELIABLE - Most residential flat roofs are straightforward rectangles. This means we can install a single sheet of EPDM rubber to cover your roof. This means you don’t have to rely on seams to waterproof your roof. Sheet sizes can be cut to fit your residential roof in just 1 piece. We have various roll sizes available.

LOW COST BEST MATERIAL AND ECO FRIENDLY TOO - The installed price of your roof will probably be similar to that of a quality felt roof and significantly lower than other “newer” systems.

So you can have a flat roof to rely on at a fair price and also be very “green”. For example, the conclusion of a report by ACTAC (the Association of Community Technical Aid Centres Ltd) named EPDM as the ‘best buy’ roofing membrane due to its’ low environmental impact in comparison to other membranes, high durability and re-usability.

The findings of this report are published in the ‘Green Building Digest’ Issue 14. For further reference, the Greenpeace publication “Building The Future” names EPDM as the environmentally friendly choice for roofing membranes.

Firestone Building Products’ commitment to the environment is reflected in the ISO14001 certified Environmental Management System implemented at all of our EPDM manufacturing plants.

VERY LOW MAINTENANCE COSTS - There should be no reason to maintain an EPDM Rubber roof. So long as the deck can withstand more weight you can even use an EPDM Rubber roof as a garden or you can install paving or decking over it. All you will have to do is wipe clean the edge trims now and again.

NEVER PERISHES AND REMAINS FLEXIBLE - EPDM Rubber is UV and ozone stable so it never perishes. It stays flexible and so can move with the building unlike static installation systems.

SUCCESSFUL IN VERY COLD AND HOT CLIMATES EPDM rubber is installed successfully in Alaska and in the Middle East. So UK weather is never a problem!

VERY SAFE INSTALLATION - Because installation is a cold lay technique there is no requirement for any heat,

RELIABLE INSTALLATION - Because only trained contractors can install our systems you are assured of a reliable installation from both the materials and contracting point of view.