Becheley Building Maintenance LTD offer a wide range of services within one organisation, from building, plumbing, carpentry, and more. 

While we specialise in Refurbishment, our ability to offer a wide range of skills within the company ensures that any job is undertaken with skill and ease, and that any unforeseen tasks are quickly completed.

BBMLTD can adapt any existing bathroom to a complete wet floor solution. This involves removing the existing shower or bath unit, and replacing it with a wet floor solution. We have many years of experience in this field, and our team of highly skilled craftsmen will tackle even the trickiest job.

We understand that you need to stick to a budget, and you don't want to deal with headaches. We are happy to draw up a schedule of works and fully project manage anything from one conversion through to a complete refurbishment of multiple sites, all while keeping to your specification, and below your agreed budget.

BBMLTD can install Handrails in any part of your premises, helping individuals with mobility problems, or for health and safety reasons.Our fabricators will produce custom external and internal hand railings, such as high quality exterior metal handrails which are then fitted by our installation staff who will complete any groundworks required (including landscaping) to ensure that the property remains aesthetically pleasing while allowing the access required.

From a tired concrete staircase to a beautifully finished brick and concrete slab ramp, our project management staff will ensure a smooth project from start to finish, to time and of course, to budget. BBMLTD offer a complete and personal design service for our showering equipment. We can arrange for the supply of a range of shower equipment which we will then install.

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