Conservatory in whiteley completed by becheley building maintenance ltd

This Conservatory was completed in 2014 in Whiteley Southampton, 90% of properties  in Whiteley are built on clay ground, this means that a normal footing/foundation is not suitable.

In most cases the properties were piled when built in the late 1990,s, so building regulations like to see the same process repeated for any extensions to the property. This was piled down to a depth of 7 metres below ground level, then a re-inforced bar raft made and filled with concrete.

​Some builders will try to talk you out of this process but if the foundations for the planned work are not done correctly then you will get nothing but problems in years to come, including subsidence and cracking of brick work and plaster, we have also seen first hand conservatories that have moved 3 years after the build and there has been so much movement it has cracked glass panels in the glass roof! 

Customer Feedback

Conservatory build“Great job, everything was quality, conservatory looks like it has been part of the house built in 1998, superb!”– Repeat Customer in Fareham, 9 December 2013