Start to finish images of a recent installation of artificial grass by becheley building maintenance ltd

recent artificial grass installations by becheley building maintenance ltd

Artificial Grass

At BBM, we’re confident that our range of artificial grass is the most natural looking in the marketplace, and will have your garden looking the best it can all year round. 

But why replace your natural lawn with a fake one? For us, the biggest reason is your enjoyment. With the busy lives that each of us leads these days, it can be hard to find the time to maintain a beautiful garden, and add to that maintaining the perfect lawn, it’s a pretty tall order for all but the most dedicated of gardeners.

Replacing your lawn with plastic grass means less time working, more time relaxing in a garden that looks superb all year round. Synthetic grass is incredibly easy to maintain. As you’d expect, it doesn’t need mowing, weeding or watering. So when everyone else is seeing their lawns suffer during the inevitable summer hosepipe ban, you can be chilled out with a glass of lemonade (or a beer) on your lawn that has no brown spots, no moss and no daisies.

Fake grass is UV resistant too. Our grass comes with an extensive UV Stability Warranty so it’ll stay green for years to come. Plastic grass is hard-wearing, long-lasting, and to top all that its completely child and animal friendly too.  

Benefits of artificial grass  A natural grass alternative No more mowing No more watering No more muddy patches No more weeds No more fertilizers or pesticides High UV resistance, always green No area too large or small Ideal for pets Child safe Hard-wearing and long-lasting Aesthetically pleasing Save water and time Looks great in all seasons Helps hay fever sufferers Perfect cover for slippery decking And many more…  Artificial grass In the home  Fake grass has many applications around the home. Create a beautiful, maintenance free lawn; cover an unsightly terrace; or transform your plain rooftop space into an impressive urban garden.

Synthetic grass is an attractive, low maintenance alternative to natural grass and has the benefit of being able to be installed where real grass can’t grow. Installed at the front of your property, fake grass increases your home’s kerb appeal with the minimum of effort from you.

​Plastic grass is child-safe so great for children’s play areas. It can be used under play equipment that’s sitting on a hard surface or to replace natural grassed areas to prevent muddy patches outside and muddy shoes inside!  We can offer a supply service only.

​However we also offer a full installation service.  Our product is of the highest quality unlike many that are sold in DIY wholesalers.